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Posted By: northfolk/al cholger
12-May-99 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: KPFA's battle with Pacifica
Subject: RE: KPFA's battle with Pacifica
The worst betrayals are the ones where our "friends" betray us or our shared principals...

I know very little about the discharges at KPFA/Pacifica,

I do know that Pacifica is broadcasting a program that I am very enthused about, JUNE 6, 12:00 EST from WBAI in NY.

The broadcast will be transmitted on both the Pacifica Ku Satellite, and the NPR Satellite...and will be picked up in most major markets, by willing Pacifica and NPR outlets.

The subject will be a panel discussion of JUST Healthcare, with leading authorities from the US and Canada...

The final verse is:

Pete Seeger and other Folks are also doing a fund raiser... same issue May 17, in NY NY...thought I better include a music reference or I might be accused of more BS. Now if I could just learn about the blue clickie thing... I could help you lead yourselves astray...