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Posted By: Amos
09-Sep-02 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Looking for a song by Jean Marais
Joe McMahon sings this one, from back (I would guess) in the Forties:


Up in old Alaska cold
Resides a heart lot
Their confreres are polar bears
It's life that's far from hot
When desire they pitch there woo
Far retired in some igloo

There they keep away the chill
Rubbing noses. Oh, what a thrill!
On a tear came down from there
A frosty man quite pure
Cold and numb She's now become
That one great paramour

Though I woo her with amorous glances,
It's plain that her heart's not aglow.
She coldly spurns all my advances.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

Tender scenes in the movies just bore her,
So we never go to the show.
Romance just fills her with horror.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

She has never called me dear,
And will never shed a tear
Whenever we're far apart.
Even candy every day
And on Sunday, a bouquet
Won't drive the cold from her heart.

I've been left in the depths of dejection.
Still that never makes her feel low.
My dog shows me more of affection.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

Though he's handsome and proud as Apollo,
His normal reactions are slow.
The place called his heart must be hollow.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

I had hoped that like waves in the ocean,
He'd drift toward me with undertow,
But he seems devoid of emotion.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

He won't call me on the phone,
Though he knows I'm home alone,
Just waiting there for his ring.
He won't linger after dark,
When we're walking in the park.
He's just a stuffy old thing.

He won't sit on a bench on a June night.
He shies clear of all mistletoe.
He's also quite wary of moonlight.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

Though she's gorgeous and lovely as Venus,
She isn't for me; that I know.
She keeps that same distance between us.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

When I squander my money to please her,
She tells me I'm wasting my dough.
She's as cold as an ice-cream freezer.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

She won't let me hold her hand.
Doesn't seem to understand
What romance is all about.
She dismisses all my pash
As just sentimental trash..
To her I'm just a good scout

It's just useless to try to reform her.
Her heart is as cold as the snow.
An iceberg's considerably warmer.
I'm in love with an Eskimo

When he greets me, he's always quite distant:
A handshake, a distant hello.
His temperature must be subnormal.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

He has never heard tales of Dan Cupid,
That kid with the arrow and bow.
The big lug's exceedingly stupid.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.

He's allergic to romance,
Doesn't give a second glance.
Whenever I'm dressed to kill,
My most ravishing perfume
Makes him want to leave the room.
His sense of love is just nil.

Though I hoped that our romance would sizzle,
I'm left with that mood indigo.
It turned out to be just a fizzle.
I'm in love with an Eskimo.