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Posted By: JedMarum
09-Sep-02 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: 911 Anniversary: Tearing Off the Scabs?
Subject: RE: 911 Anniversary: Tearing Off the Scabs?
The TV media, in particluar are turning the event into a "let's get the widows, widowers or orphans to cry on film, then we'll get glorious heart warming stories of individual heroisms" - its all formula shit because those pricks don't know how to make up anything new, and it's all aimed at generating 'feelings' in the veiwers - and it's all absolutely fucking wrong! I resent it in the highest.

And as for justification for war? What further justification do we need? We certainly have been doing the right thing in seeking out and destroying the al-Qaida terroristes, worldwide. I am not worried about starting a war. It has already started.

As President Bill Clinton said, "If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow. The stakes, he said, couldn't be higher. Some day, some way, I guarantee you he will use that arsenal."

In response to president Clinton's position on Iraq, Tom Daschle offered a resolution in the senate approving the use of military force against Iraq. The resolution was passed. This was in 1998, and things have obviously only gotten worse since then.