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Posted By: Mudlark
09-Sep-02 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: 911 Anniversary: Tearing Off the Scabs?
Subject: RE: 911 Anniversary: Tearing Off the Scabs?
I agree with Clinton. I've thought for years that news media is strictly bread and circuses...something to feed the gullible to make them feel they 'know' what's going on in their world. 9/11 was an atrocity, to be sure, but there have been so many others, so MANY others, some perpetrated by....fill in the blank: the attack on the Africa Embassy, Nicaragua, Haiti, Chesnia (sp?), etc. etc., none of which elicted a big hooraw on US TV. In view of all that this endless feelie stuff the media is gushing out, like so much treacle, seems almost wantonly self-indulgent.

I'm going to commemorate 9/11 by meeting some new folks to play music with, Mudcat's Bev and Jerry, and looking forward to it. Good sess to us all...