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Posted By: Banjer
13-May-99 - 12:48 AM
Thread Name: KPFA's battle with Pacifica
Subject: RE: KPFA's battle with Pacifica
This seems to be a current trend in Public Radio these days. It is not really Public Radio anymore but Them What Has The Most Money Radio! I also withdrew my support of our local PR station, WMNF 88.5, Tampa, when they cut back the Bluegrass from a 3 hour daily time slot to two hours Monday night and one hour Saturday morning, all in teh name of MONEY! I sent several letters to the station management trying to explain that folks that truly listen to Bluegrass (and its roots, Appalachian Mountain music) are not traditionaly the most affluent people on the block. I know I ain't! But the money that demamded more Reggae and Hip Hop type music prevailed, so I chose to withdraw my support, as did many others. The station has today, in my opinion, "gone to hell". BTW no one ever answered my letters either!