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Posted By: Allan C.
13-May-99 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords/Tune Req: Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio, Tom Dooley
Lomax says that yes, there was a Tom Dula who was hanged in 1868 (I think it was - don't have the book with me) for the murder of a woman named Laura. The woman in question had a reputation for being as "wild" as she was pretty. She and Tom courted for some time but eventually broke up. Tom was then attracted to another woman whose first name began with "A" (maybe Alice?) and last name, Melton. Ms. Melton was reported to be extraordinarily attractive. The story goes that it soon became evident to Dula and Melton that Laura had passed on a little "gift" to them in the way of a venereal disease. This enraged the two so much that they plotted Laura's murder. Tom met with Laura in a secluded place. He took a drink of whiskey, wiped his mouth with a bandanna and offered Laura a drink. About then he suddenly jammed the bandanna into her mouth. Melton leaped from behind some bushes and plunged a knife into Laura's abdomen. When they were certain she was dead, the two placed the body in a grave which Dula and Melton had dug the day before. Two weeks later, when the grave and body were found, both Tom and Alice (I will call her that for now until my memory returns) were arrested. After a lengthy trial Tom Dula was found guilty of the murder while the so very beautiful Alice charmed the male judge and the all male jury into a very short prison sentence. Dula consistantly swore that Melton had nothing to do with the murder. Dula wrote the song shortly before he was hanged. Melton died a few years later. There were reports of evil-sounding supernatural events which occurred in the room at the moment she died.