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Posted By: Tiger
12-Sep-02 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Adelita (trad. Mexico)
Subject: Lyr Add: ADELITA (trad., from Sandburg)
Of course that's the commercialized Trio version, which I have always loved, BTW. These selected verses from the trad. version are from Sandburg's "American Songbag", but he points out that the number of available stanzas is unlimited. These six were selected to just show a reasonable amount of connection.

ADELITA — (traditional)

Adelita se llama la ingrata,
La qu' era dueña de todo mi placer.
Nunca piensas que llegue a olvidarla
Ni cambiarla por otra mujer.

Si Adelita quisiera ser mi esposa,
Si Adelita fuera mi mujer,
Le compraría un vestido de seda
Y la llevara a pasear el cuartel.

Ya me llama el clarín de campaña
Como soldado valiente a pelear.
Correrrá por los calles la sangre
Pero olvidarte jamás me verá.

Si acaso yo muero en campaña
Y mi cadaver en la tierra va a quedar,
Adelita, por Dos te la ruego
Que por mí muerte tu vayas a llorar.

Adelita es una fronteriza
Con ojos verdes, color de la mar,
Que trae locos a todos los hombres
Y a todos les hace llorar.

Si Adelita se fuere con otro
La seguiría la huella sin cesar,
En aeroplanos y buques de guerra
Y por tierra hast' en tren militar.


Adelita's the name of the lady
Who was the mistress of all my pleasures here.
Never think I can come to forget her,
Nor to change her for any other dear.

If Adelita would take me for a husband,
If Adelita would only be my wife,
I would buy her a costume of satin
And I'd give her a taste of barracks life.

Now the trumpet to battle does call me
To fight as every valiant soldier should.
In the streets then the blood will be running,
But 'twill never see me forget thee.

If perhaps I should die in the battle,
And my poor corpse be left upon the field,
Adelita, for God's sake I pray thee
For my death thou wilt shed but one tear.

Adelita's a desperate coquette
With deep green eyes, the color of the sea,
Who drives all the men to distraction
And makes them all weep bitterly.

Should Adelita run off with another,
I'd trail her always, forever, near and far,
Both in airplanes and ships of the navy,
And on land in a military train.