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Posted By: Ferrara
12-Sep-02 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway Program
Subject: FSGW Getaway Program
For those who are coming to the Getaway, whether or not you've been before, I'd love to get your input on the program. This year there are four of us working on it: Jeri, Nancy King, Lorraine and myself. (All Mudcatters as it happens... all except Jeri are also from the D.C. area.)

I'll be posting a partial list of sessions in the next few days, but it will ONLY be partial and PRELIMINARY. The Catch-22 about the program, is that people want to know what's planned before they register, but I can't plan sessions until I know who will be here to lead them.

So, do you have any requests? Either for leaders, or for specific topics for workshop sessions? And most of all, do we have any people who would like to try leading or co-leading a workshop?

Here are a few highlights that are already arranged: "An Hour Wasted With Kendall Morse"; Ken Schatz and Barry Finn will be leading Sea Songs and Shanties; we'll definitely have a long session of Gospel and one of Country & Western, just haven't made the necessary phone calls to set up all the leaders.

Sarah Fulton will provide song sheets for some new songs, and other neat stuff from the music tour of Scotland that she took with Ed Miller as tour guide.

Lisa Null will do a vocal clinic. Dennis Cook and Lisa Null will do a workshop on Styles of Harmony. Rick Fielding and Bob Clayton will do a workshop on playing jams and accompaniment.

Dan Schatz is leading a sing-around on Farmers, Field Hands and Fishermen. Dottie Hurley will lead a sing around of Stephen Foster songs. Dick Hamlet and Corinne McWilliams will lead Comic Songs/Humor.

So. This gives a sense of the kind of stuff we will be doing.

There are lots of people (you know who you are) who I might reasonably expect to lead a workshop or sing-around. PLEASE PM or e-mail me, don't make me come out there and get you! I am so absent minded and disorganized that I need all the help I can get with this.