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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
14-May-99 - 01:04 AM
Thread Name: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Subject: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
When the Brady Bill was passed, requiring gun dealers to do reasonable checks on gun-buyers and report sales, Republicans in congress inserted a loophole in the law that allowed exceptions for Gun Show sales. This was because sales at these shows were primarily by "Collectors" to "Collectors", conjuring up the image of sweet old geezers selling flint-lock long rifles to good-natured history buffs.

Guess what? This loop hole became a floodgate for unregistered sales of every kind of firearm including assault weapons. A Gun Show was the source of the Machine pistol used in the Columbine massacre. Today, an attempt was made to close this loophole in a bill introduced before the Senate. Republicans, holding the majority and displaying their traditional loyalty to the NRA, voted this common-sense correction to an obvious problem DOWN.

Both of our Senators in Colorado voted in favor of continuing this completely uncontrolled outlet for assault weapons to anyone who has the cash to buy them.Apparently, Senator Wayne Allard was deluged by FAXs, phone calls and e-mails. This afternoon he stated that he had "made a mistake" and had not properly understood the intent of the bill, and meant to vote for it.

I urge all of you who feel strongly about this to hold your Senator accountable for his vote on this issue, and let him or her know how you feel about it. I believe the majority of people in this country are in favor of reasonable controls on the distribution of guns, and that this vote represents the will of a wealthy and influential minority who don't have the best interests of the American people in mind. Yes, the Second Amendment guarantees our right to own guns. But without reasonable restraints GUNS OWN US