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Posted By: Alice
14-May-99 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: pre millenium tension
Subject: RE: pre millenium tension
Yesterday as I was watching Bill Cosby on a talk show (yes, it was Oprah, and no, I don't watch it every day) he was speaking about college graduates... the ones who still live at home with parents, the resumes trying to "spin" paper boy into publication delivery service, etc. (very funny). Anyway, there were some new graduates stopped on campus and questioned about several things. It was enlightening regarding the lack of common knowledge among these new grads. They were asked questions such as, what is Y2K, can you name 2 senators, what is the electoral college... very scary wrong answers. The answer to What is Y2K? A rock and roll band. What is the electoral college? A college where you can take more electives. What are the three branches of US government? The president, the governor, and the mayor. In response to Name 2 senators, two grads who could not name any senators, could quickly name the Spice Girls and the characters of South Park. Yes, it was scary.