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Posted By: Bill D
16-Sep-02 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: TECH: New Windows DT Midi problem
Subject: RE: TECH: New DT Midi problem
hmmm...I seem to have Quicktime 2.1.2...and also version 3.0. At least, I have "read me" fils for is the relevant parts from version 3. ---------------------------------------------------

Learning More About QuickTime

The QuickTime 3.0 software package includes two simple but powerful applications you can use to begin working with QuickTime. MoviePlayer enables you to view and edit movies and pictures. PictureViewer enables you to work with still images in a wide range of common formats. QuickTime 3.0 also includes software that will enable your Internet browser to view QuickTime and other file types in your web pages. This software will automatically be installed into your Internet browser.

To learn more about these applications and other QuickTime features, visit our website at

About Roland's Sound Set for General MIDI and GS Format

This release of QuickTime includes an instrument sound set licensed from Roland Corporation that makes a complete General MIDI compatible sound set. It also includes additional sounds necessary to make a complete GS Format compatible sound set.

What is the GS Format?

The GS Format is a standardized set of specifications for sound sources that defines the manner in which multitimbral sound generating devices will respond to the MIDI messages. The GS Format also complies with the General MIDI System Level - 1. The GS Format also defines a number of other details over and above the features of General MIDI. These include unique specifications for sound and functions available for tone editing, effects, and other specifications concerning the manner in which sound sources will respond to MIDI messages. Any device that is equipped with GS Format sound sources can faithfully reproduce both General MIDI sound recordings and GS Format MIDI sound recordings.

So...I have no idea what I did except to get version 3 a year or two ago...I know the database songs played for me immediately, and I know I sure ain't gonna mess with it very soon..*wry grin*

It does say it 'installs into your browser'...but I think that is for streaming...I hope someone who knows answers will sign on and solve this.