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Posted By: CET
16-Sep-02 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway Program
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway Program

I should have made it clear that I did not mean to suggest a program to glorify War. However, there have been so many good songs written about soldiers and their lives, that I am somewhat surprised to hear you suggest that this kind of music should not be heard at the Getaway.

A.L. Lloyd (Mars for Evermore), Ewan MacColl (The Second Front Song), John Tams (new lyrics to Over the Hills and Far Away), and Peter Bellamy (Kipling poems), to name a few recent illustrious examples, have written or sung or collected songs that dealt with war and soldiers and sailors. Half the Border Ballads have to do with war. There is a rich tradition of songs to do with the U.S. Civil War. Jacobite songs? Don't get me started. Some of these songs deal with the complaints and mistreatment of soldiers. Some don't. Some of them are just songs that are beautiful, moving or simply fun to sing.

I'm not particularly concerned about having a session on soldiers' songs. There will be plenty of opportunity to sing what I want at the non-topical sessions. However, I do think "soldier" is a word you can say in polite company.