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Posted By: Tucker
14-May-99 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Subject: RE: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
I think we have to slow down here and analaze folks. Yes, Columbine was a tradegy. Instantly, liberals want to go after the 2nd amendment rights of folks in the United States. ( I will leave the politics of my internet global friends here to same for me). Ok, let me start by saying two facts. Both ( unfortunatley0f recent nature). The worst mass murders in American history were not by guns. Don't believe me,check them out. The worst by ONE individual was by a disgruntled bar customer, in NYC (stiff gun laws since early 1900's...sullivan act, boy has that been a great deterent!) where a bar patron mad at his girlfriend returned with a gallon of gas and a match and killed in excess of 160 people. Then came Oklahoma City, by two or more people, who killed over 180 people, no guns involved. Where is the drive for match/gasoline/fertilizer/rental van control? The kids who wasted 12 lives in Littleton Col, violated 18...repeat,18 existing state and federal laws. You know folks, it's like punishing the whole class for what Johnny did. You guys passed your 1968 gun control act (based on the Nazi gun control act of 1933), you passed your Brady Bill, got your 100000 policemen (where are they Car 54?)Guess what? I think you folks wanting gun control are afraid to admit you might be missing a wee problem here. Went to a Video store lately? Notice that every other Video has Mel Gibson or someone else holding a gun? As a gun owner and yes gun lover, it truly perturbs me to see anyone pointing a gun at another person. You liberals love this "action" crap but wonder why schools get shot up! DUH!!! Oh and by the way, this wasn't the worst school massacre ( I am not trying to belittle what happened at columbine by and by). The worst school massacre was in the late 20's by someone P.O.ed at the superintendent of the school who planted a bunch of dynamite in the basement of the school. It went off during school hours and killed 32 people, mostly kids, again, no guns involved. Maybe you folks need to know why the NRA came into existance. It's been around since 1871. We delve alot into our music, take a minute to look into an institution that has been with America for over 128 years. I'll give you a wee bit of a was to perserve American lives.....