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Posted By: Dave Bryant
17-Sep-02 - 07:25 AM
Thread Name: TECH: New Windows DT Midi problem
Subject: RE: TECH: New DT Midi problem
Mark Heiman - I can't get the tunes to play either - I've got QUICKTIME 6 on my machine. One of the things that I'd be interested in knowing is the exact procedure which you are using to play the files.

The songs are still all in SONGWRIGHT format so presumably you are converting them into midi files before you play them - what are you using for this SONGWRIGHT itself or MusicEase or some custom software ?.

My version of Quicktime does not seem to play midi files directly - it seems to need to convert them to a .mov file first - is this true of all versions ?

Is the Midi version of the music stored anywhere as temporary file ?