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Posted By: Barry Finn
15-May-99 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Subject: RE: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Let me see if Ican get this right or the liberal or the old traditional slant on the gun packing issue. The NRA has been fighting for my right to arm myself against a suspect Republic. I'm such a bad shot that I need & should have the right to have an assult weapon so when I shoot at something I can say "fore" or "eat lead you nasty deer". If there are police, video cameras, metal detecters & Xray machines at the entrance of a grammer school then it'll be OK to keep high power, rapid firing pieces in the hands of all law biding citizens. If we're not outlawing shit, gasoline, matches or TNT, oh sorry TNT is outlawed (though at this point I don't understand why), then we shouldn't outlaw those cute little hand held equivalents of the Tommy Gun. Because bombs killed more than guns on a per incident basis or that cars get away with murder more often than not it's OK for my kid or someone else's kid to be a victim. Tell a parent whose's lost their kid to an assult weapon that it's everybody's right to own an AK47 or we shouldn't try to deter it's sale. Now we all love a freedom fighter whose holding back the demons of hell, from riddling our souls with political jargon. I just hope that, that hero is as good looking as Sly or Chucky & can handle as many firearms as our big screen buddies, who by the way are carrying on, on screen in such a way that it leads me to believe that violent films & the NRA may be two of a kind that's beating on the same full house. I'm not proposing that one need give up their sidearm or their long muzzeled shoulder shooter, I only question the need to keep a machine that can spray a target range or a football field with more bullets to spare than the law would allow. Sorry if this sounds like it comes from the mouth or trigger happy fingers of one whose's seen more automatic weapons & sawed down double over & under splat guns as a kid in the hands of kids than I've seen as an adult in the hands of hunters. I also would rather gun proof my home than bullet proof my kid. You can call me Liberal, a Commie, a John Bircher, a Republic's Republician, a tree hugger, a dove or a gosh hawk, a supporter of the TPF, the FBI, the CIA or the KKK or the NAACP call me anything that comes to mind but don't call me saying that a kids right to live a unusually long life takes a back seat to owning gangster gun. Barry