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Posted By: delphinium
17-Sep-02 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: TECH: New Windows DT Midi problem
Subject: RE: TECH: New DT Midi problem
Yesterday I downloaded the DT and Quicktime - great to have all the songs but, like others above, no sound. I twiddled a few things today and now the sound works!

Don't know what I did, don't think it was anything to do with the actual files - just pushed a few more buttons, including the "start" button multiple times, other keys, etc. (Yes, I kick pop machines too.) Also copied the DT into another folder on the same drive as Quicktime but now I've deleted that and the sound still works. I think the little PC elves just took a while to decide to let me hear the tunes.

Now I'm off to check out more songs ...