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Posted By: Tucker
15-May-99 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Subject: RE: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Kat, you know me better than that and Barry you need to know me better before you level the personal attacks on me that you have. I want to ask you both. Have you ever personally ever seen a gun aimed in spite at another person? I have to admit I have, twice, both times by cops, but then again I was a professional firefighter and this was over 25 years of a career. To say I am not in mourning over the deaths of the 11 children and the teacher is an insult to me and many others. I did not kill those people, yet you insinuate blame upon me. Answer me this question, until after 1968 any American could buy firearms through the mail, but our crime rate wasn't near what it is now. Why? The same guns were offered, technology hasn't changed. Americans haven't been allowed to own machine guns since 1933. Are you afraid to admit that maybe Hollywood has something to do with it? Oh I guess you never seen a flick that inspired you to do one thing or the other! Oh well, I just got back from Nuemburg, Alabama, I have to wash my white robes and brown shirts....such a party place...kinda like Moscow and Beijing.Seig...sorry comrade, (humming the internationale)