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Posted By: Herga Kitty
19-Sep-02 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: Winter Solstice
Subject: RE: Winter Solstice
Karen Hemmingham who is a pagan, has written a song which is good for all seasons, but especially the Winter Solstice:


When Winter falls upon the land
And laces leaves in icy glow
When cold numbs every beast and man
And weaves its winding sheet of snow.

Ch/Then in the midst of Winter
When hope, like death, lies still
Listen to the heart within singing
Summer is invincible.
Summer is invincible.

When clouds like seas of foaming grey
Drown out the blue of Summer skies
When winds of steel forge through your days
And the light of Summer dies.

When blood red beads the hedgerow
And emerald spears of holly gleam
When poison pearls the mistletoe
And frost grips every dream.