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19-Sep-02 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Hal Far Biss - WWII Song
Subject: Hal Far Biss
I recently bought a folksong book by Norman Luboff and Win Stracke, eds. called "Songs of Man". It contains a song called Hal Far Biss, to the tune of Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night). Hal Far Biss was an R.A.F. airfield on Malta that was under constant attack from 1940 to 1943. The words go like this:

What's the proudest 'drome in Malta?
Hal Far Biss.
One the Axis could not alter?
Hal Far Biss.
'Neath the weight of mines it's quaking,
Bomb blasts o'er it radiating;
But it's always operating.
Hal Far Biss.

See them rounding Delimara,
Hal Far Biss.
Cross the bay to Kalaframa,
Hal Far Biss.
Stukas dropping thousand pounders,
ME's strafing all around us,
Take three guesses where they found us,
Hal Far Biss.

When we leave and go to Blighty,
Hal Far Biss.
We shall ne'er forget the mighty
Hal Far Biss.
Through the blitzes we preserved it,
And we're proud that we have served it.
Malta's George Cross, who deserved it?
Hal Far Biss.

Luboff doesn't give the author. Does anyone know who wrote this song, or anything else about it?