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Posted By: Herga Kitty
20-Sep-02 - 03:01 AM
Thread Name: Winter Solstice
Subject: RE: Winter Solstice

Paul Hodgon recorded it with Karen and various members of Wycombe Folk Club, on his CD, Fire in the Heart, but it has some very weird harmonies on it. As far as I can remember the tune from Karen singing it, it's something like this (sorry, must learn proper notation - I've started on middle C going upwards to top c). It's in 4/4, beginning on the upbeat:

  SUMMER IS INVINCIBLE (Karen Hemmingham)    

When Winter falls upon the land
C F G Ab Bb G Eb F
And laces leaves in icy glow
C F G Ab G Ab Bb G
When cold numbs every beast and man
F Bb c db c Bb Ab G
And weaves its winding sheet of snow.
C F G Ab Bb G F F

Ch/Then in the midst of Winter
c c Bb c Bb AbG F
When hope, like death, lies still
C F G Ab Bb G
Listen to the heart within singing
c Bb Bb Ab c Bb Ab Ab G
Summer is invincible.
c Bb BbAb G G Ab Ab
Summer is in-vincible.
c BbBbAbGAb G F F

I'll sing it to you when next I see you!


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