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Posted By: GUEST,John from Hull 9Biscuit broken)
21-Sep-02 - 02:47 AM
Thread Name: The SLOOP at BARTON (N. Lincs UK)
Subject: RE: The SLOOP at BARTON (N. Lincs UK)
Helooo Oaklet, i did see you and Mrs Mick last night, but i could not stay and chat as I had to deliver sume food to Brough, when i got there the customer was a right whinging old git, he was complaining about the delivery charge 9I charge 3 quid to Brough, a round trip of 30 miles!) I was stood at the doorstep for around 10 minutes arguing about the price, he was too thick to realise that the longer he spent arguing, the colder his food was getting! the silly old fool, I almost said to him " do you want to eat this food or f**king wear it? I did say to him " Don't bloody ring up and say your curry is cold" people like that really piss me off, there is no wonder I come home and drink loads of bear, if I become an alcoholic I will sue him! I looking forward to when i start my own shop and tell my boss to stick his shitty job up his arse.john