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Posted By: Jeri
21-Sep-02 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: What's Sentimental and what's Sickening?
Subject: RE: What's Sentimental and what's Sickening?
Some folks prefer the sparseness of traditional songs. I think that there are 'messages' in these songs, but they're either honest and plainly evident or they're perceived by how each individual interprets the song.

On the other hand, the folks who like sentimental songs like them because they manipulate, or shall we say 'provoke' emotion. You go to a scary movie hoping it will make you want to hide in your popcorn container (they're big enough these days). Let's face it, the emotional provocation is NOT subtle - it's not like they're trying to be sneaky about it. Maybe it's that lack of subtlety that bothers people most.

I like sparse; I like blatant. I love music because it makes me think AND it makes me feel. I'm also an expert at suspending my disbelief. I think that's another factor that greatly influences whether or not we like sentimental songs: how effective we are at brainwashing ourselves to NOT think "this can't be real."