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Posted By: Barry Finn
16-May-99 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Subject: RE: Senate knuckles under to the NRA
Hi Tucker & others. Tucker you were not unger personal attack only some of your comments & you were not being held responsible for the deaths of any, I only asked if a pro side would allow for some healing time before advocating "right to own gun issues". You said that you've seen a gun aimed in spite at some one twice & ask if I've ever seen this, I grew up in a part of the inner city (Roxbury, a part of Boston) that would made the wild west look tame. Many that I grew up with have either been killed by a gun of have killed with a gun. Yes, I've seen a gun aimed in spite, a few times, at me & have also been shot at so I don't take lightly to the ownership of firearms. There are some who've seen war & won't allow themselves close to a gun & then there are others that believe that because the goverment trained them in the finer arts of killing that they now have a mission in keeping that firearm. My brother was a Navy seal, his specialty, underwater demolition during the Viet Nam war, they were still trying to use him in South America 10 years ago. He can rig up a silencer in the field in a matter of minutes & can turn a semi auto weapon into a auto by the time it takes him to drop you to the floor. His weapon of choice is the same weapon that the gun manufacturer's target towards teen gangs, the same gun that was outlawed & then quickly redesigned so it could be again sold to the public, the rapid firing Tec-9, a hand held arsenal. What in the world does a firearm like this have a use for besides mass murder, it's not a target gun, a hunter's gun or a gun one would use to protect themselves, unless they're been attacked by a herd of wild elephants. These are the guns that have no non military use & need to be put out of the production line and those that would want them shouldn't have a license to drive. As to Hollywood, my comment was not in favor of violence in films, only that the NRA supports the ownership of the same high power weapons that Chuck Norris & Sly Stallion use in their "Kick'm & Kill'm" flicks & then go on & lay the blame on Hollywood without excepting any of the responsiblty themselves. Funny how two can sleep in the same bed & deny any attraction for one another. The technology since 1968 has advanced in leaps & bounds so much so that the outlawed machine gun in a toy by comparison while the overall value on human life had reversed itself. In the 60's we had a few crime families trying to pretend to be law abiding, hell we didn't even admit to their existence, now we have posses whose's branches are nationwide, Russian KGB agents that have gone into the blackmarket, parmilitary groups that fear everyone from God to the fish in the ocean & want to protect us from Buddha & kids that just can't cope. So let's match firepower, except you can have your weapon in hand & 1000 miles away it won't held some poor kid getting gunned down not even if it's just on the otherside of town & unless you're willing to pull the trigger while staring into the face of death you won't be helpful at all (that's a cops job & God help them, it' only getting worst). My sister-in-law was sent to the "Land Of The Warlords" a couple of years back while working for the (BLANK) to asess the suituation there. She was escorted by 'kids with weapons' (sounds like a new band) at an intersection traffic jam the way they got to proceed was to shoot their way through it, may the best or fastest win. She lost a co-worker to the bullet all for the want of his sun glasses (could've been sneakers, is this sounding familar). Her asessment was, they where beyond help or care, the rest of the world would be better off if they'd kill themselves off, their value on human life was non existing due to the conditions of their surroundings over a prolonged period of time & may be suffering from post traumatic stress as a community & we should remove all personnel from the area (it sounds a little to close to home). This was a part of a country gone out of control, governed by Warlors, now it may seen as if we're not to far behind this & that we should all run out to arm ourselves to the teeth & then we could be just like them. No Tucker, I was not attacking you only the reasoning for owning anything more devastating than the lowly humble hunting gun. Barry