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Posted By: John MacKenzie
22-Sep-02 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: (UK Only) Anyone going to today's march?
Subject: RE: BS: 9UK Only) Anyone going to todays march?
WELL SAID LTS. People live too far from their roots these days, and in their rise to middle classdom, they find time to develop a conscience. The problem is that most of them get their political conscience from politicians, and that's the worst place to find anything. The anti-hunt lobby is almost wholly middle class, and is a fashion item in the same way as flares are. We all know that fashion and public opinions are cyclical, so there's a chance that some day folk music may become a cause celebre. Of course when that happens we'll all be heroes for keeping the flame burning through the dark days of Hip Hop,Rap,Garage, and all these other wonderfully absurdly named music fads.
Rant over...Wish I was on the march.....Giok