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Posted By: Eric the Viking
22-Sep-02 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: (UK Only) Anyone going to today's march?
Subject: RE: BS: 9UK Only) Anyone going to todays march?
I hardly think that this particular government represent the socialist ideal, but that as maybe. Though not a tory supporter, I have no real problem with fox hunting-though I do feel the fox has a biological niche that it is foolish to remove, since it will fill with rats as scavengers.But then the converse is also true, if foxes are left unchecked, then the possibility of them increasing dramatically in number is also real. I do agree that many people have little idea of country life and the social infrastructure within it. I myself believe in let and let live, even if it means hunting foxes in tradditional dress and the ceremonial that goes with it.(I don't go to watch soccer, but wouldn't stop anyone else) We would all be up in arms if they banned Morris dancing, though that's hardly a good analagy. But traddition should be encouraged, whether it's a Morris or a hunt.We (the collective we-)do our best to allow and encourage ethnic minorities to celebrate their culture, why can't we celebrate ours?

The farmers and other countryside dwellers do sustain and protect an environment that it rapidly decreasing. They manage land, and are leaders in conservation, much like anglers have preserved and enriched the nations waters.

When they have banned fox hunting, will they start on fishing next? then what? Maybe in a few years, internet chat will be more closely monitored, since large numbers of people can discuss whatever they wish without check or hinderence at the moment.What'l we do then?

Anyway, though I dispise the upperclasses, who took the land by virture of money, power and a failure of the law to protect the poorer individuals, I would leave them alone,in this respect since they employ a large number of people who rely upon them to keep their families fed (Though the rich bastards could pay them a lot more, and still be rich).(This is not class jealousy, or envy)

Please don't come back at me with;so you think bear baiting or cock fighting are Ok, or that it's ok since it seems to be something of a traddition that the rich and powerful can abuse children etc-it's not worth the argument.

The fox is a beautiful animal, splendid colours from ruddy brown to silver, see a silver fox on a moonlit night, there's a magical sight. I suppose see it in your chicken run, having savaged your hens then it's a different matter.

If we don't protect the countryside, it won't exist for much longer. A new road here, a new motorway from here to there, a new housing estate, farming on the verge of collapse, old farms being sold for little money so that the new rich can turn it into a private retreat with no sensible land mangement ideas except private golf courses etc-that's hardly a good idea!

We live with far too much interference in our lives, more laws, more rules-oneness with whose ideal? Silly though it may seem, though not dissimilar, as one small group is going to dictate to the many, the Plaid are going to ban sweets and crisps from schools if they get a majority next time.When will the phrase mind your own business become popular again?