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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
22-Sep-02 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: (UK Only) Anyone going to today's march?
Subject: RE: BS: 9UK Only) Anyone going to todays march?
And if you don't recall 400,000 people marching to save the jobs of those affected by the Industrial Revolution, then you best go look in the DT for a few of the related songs.

We still sing songs now protesting about working conditions and lack of work (Four loom weaver, Blackleg miner, to name 2), people will still be singing songs about the hunter and his way of life in years to come.

And concerning hunting.... I am not a hunt supporter. I have done my fair share of sabotage in the past because I believe there is a more humane way of disposing of predators. I am not soppy about foxes, they are animals that eat other animals, have pretty coats (but only if they haven't been round the block a few times), will kill for pleasure not just for food, and they, like other animals, carry diseases like rabies and distemper. I am the product of a long line of agricultural and rural labourers, whose livestock were the prey of these animals. It is not just the dubious 'pleasures' of the huntsman which is affected by these Bills, but the livelihood of the associated trades. Farriers and blacksmiths, grooms and stablehands, trainers and breeders, a whole heap of people who will be made jobless if hunting is banned. And then these people will have to sign on. And who will have to pay for their social security??? The loss of the farrier and blacksmith will mean that other working horses will have to go farther for shoeing; machinery that could have been fixed by the smith (and how many Forge or Old Smithy Garages are there up and down the country?) will have to be scrapped or replaced. Prices will go up because the smiths can't make a living, another family homeless and on the dole....

The whole thing is a chain, take out one link, and the chain falls apart.


Go think. Hunting is not just a group of Hoorays in pinks.