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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
22-Sep-02 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: (UK Only) Anyone going to today's march?
Subject: RE: BS: 9UK Only) Anyone going to todays march?
Only 10% may be farmers or 'country dwellers' but the effects spread considerably farther than just them. That's the whole bloody point! Everyone is affected somehow, even if it is just an extra penny on a pint of milk.

But I think you may have a slanted view on just how many people live in cities.

My uncle is a farmer. He has a diary farm, which is one of the smaller variety. Last year, due to F&M he was forced to dump most of his milk because it could not be picked up. Travel restrictions between farms meant the tanker could not get to the plantroom, and he couldn't pump it up the hill to the tanker. He failed to meet his milk quota. He pleaded F&M, the government said 'tough'. He was given a subsidy because he had to subsequently slaughter his herd, but then had the majority of it taken away because he hadn't made his milk quota for a given month. That's what I mean by a fine.