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Posted By: GUEST,Simon Richardson
22-Sep-02 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: (UK Only) Anyone going to today's march?
Subject: RE: BS: 9UK Only) Anyone going to todays march?
Whilst I find fox hunting decidedly abbhorent, I don't agree with banning it.

It's unduly cruel for certain, and I have a considerable personal distaste for the type of people who wish to do it.

However, (partly due to my current financial situation) I eat cheap eggs, bacon, lamb and chicken, and the animals that provide my dinner undoubtedly suffer too.

Calling for a ban on hunting, whilst continuing with my current diet would be quite hypocritical, however much I dislike the people who engage in and enjoy the 'sport' It also goes against my instincts of letting people live their lives as they wish if it doesn't adversly impact on others.

What does really annoy me about today's march was the cynical attempt to gain numbers by attempting to combine the 'fox issue' with other rural disquiets.

'Liberty and Livelyhood' was a ridiculous slogan.

The 'liberty' of country dwellers to go to a large supermarket in the nearest big town is the reason for the decline of local village shops

The 'liberty' of using cars is the reason for the lack of adequete public transport

The 'liberty' of being able to sell houses at a great profit to 'townies' is the reason for prices being so expensive

The 'livelyhood' of a farmer deciding to use modern machinery rather than local workers, is the reason for less rural jobs