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Posted By: Mac Tattie
24-Sep-02 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Chip Vending Machines - fact or myth???
Subject: RE: BS: Chip Vending Machines - fact or myth???
I carried out maitainence and repairs on a chip vending machine, arround 1974-1975 at Vesuvius Crucible's factory in Newmilns, Ayrshire. I can't remember the makers, the machine was supplied by a firm based in Aberdeen. The machine was arround a meter high by a meter wide by a meter deep, it stored frozen chips, mesured out a portion into a basket, lowered the basket into hot oil for a set time, then dumped the chips in to a paper pouch which then appeared at a door on the front of the machine, and all for 5p. The frozen chips were thin cut and the oil was kept slightly over temperature. As I remember the chips were very good and the machine, when working well, did a roaring trade. It was tempermental and needed a good clean at least twice a day or the fumes and vapours from the hot oil gumed up the works and choked the filters.