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Posted By: Elektra
25-Sep-02 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dragon Road (filk song)
Subject: Lyr Add: DRAGON ROAD
Looks like some kind of RPG filksong-thingy to me! And a fairly poor sample of the genre at that, though there are plenty worse, LOL. (And in all fairness, some MUCH better.) At any rate, in case anyone cares, the lyrics may be found at

If I didn't do the clicky right, oh well. ;-) For the record, I append the lyrics below as well:


'Twas on the third of August, out of Romner Ray,
Half a dozen horses and a wagon load of hay,
There had been a party, hangovers galore,
Our Clerics were unconscious, and our fighters saddle sore,

CHORUS: And there were dragons, dragons, flying o'er the road,
Wyverns all around us and behind us yellow mold.
And there were Orcses, Orcses filling all the woods,
They all jumped upon us because we were Lawful Good.

We were not discouraged; we were set to fight,
But we had drunk ten gallons of the finest wine that night,
Sir Morris was disheveled Sir Percy much the same,
Arid the elf who traveled with us was too drunk to know his name,


The Dragons got the horses, The Orcs got even more,
And chewing on our wagon was an ugly Manticore,
We finally woke our Wizard; he would make them pay,
But he really pulled a boner when he mumbled spells that day,


His fireballs misfired; his lightning missed 'the mark,
And soon the party found themselves encased in total dark,
He tried 'to Polymorph them, that stupid ancient louse,
We did not think it funny when Sir Kay became a mouse.


Our fighters bravely battled, but it was all for naught,
For we had not the measure of the monsters that we fought,
'Twas the Bard who saved us for he could do no wrong,
He really had them running when he belted out this song,


Author Unknown

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For (nicer, i.e. scan better) variations, look at and Google:

"third of august" orcs

I'm not going to post them all here.