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Posted By: danl
17-May-99 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: pre millenium tension
Subject: RE: pre millenium tension
hello. its been a long hard week in which this computor has REFUSED to work for some reason or another and i havent been able to see what had happened to this thread! a server case of 'the mudcat blues' as described in another thread i think! yes it was written by a year 6 girl, and of course she knows about the atmosphere, after all she has a very good teacher... my mum! perhaps there was some parental input but you'd be suprised sometimes what they can come up with on their own. as for all this Y2K talk, its all over my head. two of my brothers work in the computor industry (to put it mildly. ie, its all they ever seem to talk about) but although they have once or twice tried to explain it all to me and have been debating it for years, i still havent quite grasped any more than the basic concept. for me the 1st of january will always mean something else compleatly - my birthday! and no, its not a cool day to have it, can you imagine all those birthdays when i was a kid and the only one without a hangover? its a bit better now of course though coz i tend to have one too.... anyway, its good to be back after my week of abstinance!

love ivy b*