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Posted By: Rick Fielding
27-Sep-02 - 01:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Weird Appetite changes....why?
Subject: Weird Appetite changes....why?
Ever since I got out of Hospital 11 weeks ago, a rather strange thing has been happening....not awful or painful or even annoying.... just strange. If some remember, I told about having a cancerous kidney out on June 20th, and how pleased I was to have my life and all the good stuff back. Still am, although the almost fifty pounds I lost through being sick, has shot back on VERRY quickly (very close to the 220 I was at for several years). Probably some of that has been because I vowed never to puff another fag again......three months smoke free, 7.50 a pack, three packs every two days....Jeesus, that's a lotta money saved! Plus I can REALLY breathe again.

Nope, I'm very happy with my taste buds and choices of food are WAY out of whack. I used to LOVE (and eat very regularly)

Baked Beans (literally every day for breakfast) , Every kind of pasta, with all sorts of home-made sauces, Oatmeal (for breakfast). Lotsa soups (homemade AND Campbells), and tons of stews, stir fries, and caserole thingys. Ohhh, and the delicious Grilled cheese and "crab-flavoured" fish product.

NONE of these appeal to me the way they used to anymore (since the day I got home from the hospital). They don't make me sick or anything, I just make far more chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork etc. on the Barbeque. (The Barbeque itself is new....I practically obsessed about one til I got it a few weeks ago) Oh....I eat lots of salads now and here's the REAL strange thing....I've had one Milkshake a day now since exiting the hospital....even bought a Braun mixer. I've NEVER drank milshakes before......maybe had twenty in my whole life....but now they taste unbelievably good.

As I say, it's not a big deal, but does anyone have any idea why there would be such a dramatic change in appetite? It's either connected to the kidney surgery, or the stopping of smoking....or is there something else I may be missing?