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Posted By: wysiwyg
27-Sep-02 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Weird Appetite changes....why?
Subject: RE: BS: Weird Appetite changes....why?
I agree with Mmario. Are you feeling well eating what you are eating? I would trust the body. They say that if children had daily access to a fully-stocked buffet of all things good, they would choose each day what they actually NEED, absent any accumulated distresses over food.

Our senses of smell and taste are there for a reason. In my own recovery I have been through some pretty bizarre preferences. Come to find, after the fact, with research, that each one DID atually have a role in healing at that particular stage.

Right now it's cumin-- which actually is a documented anti-spasmodic, and THAT's why I can eat Indian and Mexican and not have a bad time digestively, whereas any of the same stuff MINUS the cumin, and I'm in trouble. Even the smell of the cumin works-- the essential oil used as aroma therapy-- because I am inhaling the healing thing and absorbing it through the nasal membranes and lung tissue, just as much as I would if I were using a nebulizer with a prescribed item.

So, enjoy, and keep exploring why each thing is important so you can use the cravings more intentionally.