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Posted By: Steph
27-Sep-02 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
Subject: RE: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
Archie Fisher was by his own admission not involved in the CND rallies, but Ray did go and sing, really more to be part of the group than anything else, as she admitted. My original research was for a PhD on the Fishers, so I wasn't focusing on the anti-Polaris issue, but I discovered it was a major and defining era in the Scottish folk revival.

Jim, I certainly know your name but never had the opportunity to speak with you while I was living in Scotland. The study I'm doing now on the Ding Dong Dollar recording is for a paper at the American Folklore Society meeting next month. Don't know if I'll publish anything, that remains to be seen. What is very interesting is knowing what I know, and seeing what little evidence there is about the recording for someone who doesn't know who the heck the Glasgow Song Guild was. In a letter to Hamish Henderson, Moses Asch states that Pete Seeger paid for the production of the recording, which is kind of interesting. Pete took up the song "Ding Dong Dollar" and sang it, albeit for a fairly brief period in his career. We have several recordings in the archives.

Stephanie Smith