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Posted By: YOR
29-Sep-02 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: 3-person bands…
Subject: RE: BS: 3-person bands…
Hey X (Again),

I replied to you on that other forum. Here it is again.

Hey X,

Bryan Adams has toured the last couple of years with only 3 members. (His last studio effort is another story.) I'm not really sure why or what happen to the rest of the regular band members! Adams has taken over base, Keith Scott on lead and Mickey Curry on drums. I bought the DVD "Bryan Adams, Live at Slane Castle, Ireland 2000" with this group configuration and it is great, !!Loud!! Adams as always!. Funky all white outfits for all 3 band members.

Take it easy, Roy ------------- Man! I must be brain dead, didn't even thunk of PP&M or The Police. Go Figure.

X join up here (others have), that other forum is crashing and burning because of too strong of opinions. Think like me or don't think just don't work. Forums of one don't work, Go figure!

Enjoy, Roy