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Posted By: JohnInKansas
30-Sep-02 - 05:56 AM
Thread Name: TECH: New Windows DT Midi problem
Subject: RE: TECH: New DT Midi problem
A quick-look at Mickey$ Knowledge Base indicates:

The "native" music machine for recent versions of Windows is the Windows Media Player.

Early versions of Media Player could read all file formats produced by early versions of QuickTime.

Later versions of Media Player cannot read some file formats produced by QuickTime unless the current Media Player was installed as an upgrade to a version that could read those file formats.

I haven't gone into the QuickTime sources at Mac, but there appears to be something of the same succession where QuickTime is used alone. It is not enough to say what version you installed last - you apparently have to have the complete history of all previously installed (and "uninstalled") versions to know what you've got. (And a complete uninstall is virtually impossible if attempted by human based lifeforms.)

I can't, and won't (for now), install QuickTime because of known problems (mostly relating to hijacking of file extensions) that it would cause my business use of my machines. That will have to wait until I can "sequester" a machine for a while.

I am a little surprised that the new DigiTrad doesn't have an obvious way to "extract" the tunes (Midi maybe) - like you can the lyric and score. The data files look (in Hex/Text) pretty much like ABCs(?) but it will take a little closer look to see what I can do with them. It is also not apparent that there is any easy way to tell which tune file goes with what lyric - but I think I can probably crack that code.????

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