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Posted By: Ken B. in Oklahoma
18-May-99 - 10:16 AM
Thread Name: pre millenium tension
Subject: RE: pre millenium tension
There is something much more important than the Y2K crisis, ETERNITY!!! In 26 million years, will you even remember what happened on January 1, 2000? "Are you ready for Y2K, the year 2000? Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior? If not, then you aren't even ready for tomorrow." (No problem with going into the new millenium, i.e. 2001) I am a writer myself, when God gives me something, and I think I approve of the lyrics the youngster wrote. Although I am 53 years old, I am really only 3 years old as a writer as I only began writing in April of 1996. Think about forever in Heaven or in Hell, KB