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Posted By: Peg
01-Oct-02 - 12:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Weird Appetite changes....why?
Subject: RE: BS: Weird Appetite changes....why?
my sister ate dog food as a kid; the dry kind not the canned stuff!
and I remember at least once having a craving for the sandy, gravelly soil in our neighbor's driveway...dogs and cats eat grass...heck, they say that westerners are the only people in the world who don't regularly eat bugs! (though we are fond of bottom feeders and insect-like things like lobsters and crabs).

Rick, it sounds like your body is adjusting to its newfound ability to taste and smell! Congratulations on quitting smoking. Most friends I know who have done so experience a rejuvenation of their palate. I'd agree with the suggestion that loss of a kidney is a good reason to keep meat consumption moderate...also the kidneys like lots of fresh fruits and veggies to keep them flushed out. Watch sugar consumption, too and of course diuretic stuff like coffee and alcohol. (Lots of diabetes in my family and the kidneys are vulnerable so I have learned to watch what to do for them)). If your urine is relatively clear you're doing things right (sorry to be graphic but it's what all the books and docs say).

good luck and eat well!