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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Oct-02 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Patriotism -- what is it?
Subject: RE: BS: Patriotism -- what is it?
Heh, heh! (smiling) I knew right after I hit "submit" that Wolfgang or some other smart cookie would catch me on that "pater" statement...

Yes, the word "patriotism" comes more directly from the Latin word "patria", meaning fatherland or homeland...which itself comes from "pater", meaning father. I believe there were fathers (conceptually speaking) before there was a "fatherland", as the concept "father" is the original root concept here.

As for "matriotism", I believe I invented that word, to illustrate a point. Pater-patria-patriotism is analogous to mater-matria-matriotism.

Wolfgang, if you cannot see the innate tendency toward a patriarchal mindset in the western (and eastern) societies of the last few thousand years, I doubt that any argument I could put forward would sway you, convincing or not. That there are some interesting exceptions to the rule does not change it very much. The Russians, for example, make at least one exception in that they speak of their land as "Mother Russia". Very neat! I have always liked that. There is a magnificent statue of Mother Russia (I presume that's who she is supposed to represent) near the formerly named Stalingrad holding up a sword as a memorial of the defense of that city in 1942-43. There are other examples too, plenty of them. Still, we live in a very patriarchal society in general, and that has been abetted by the three major religions that arose out of the Middle East...which seem to have a damned hard time getting along with each other! (I would say, because they are all 3 paranoid, exclusive, and intolerant in the extreme.) Moses should come back, sit them all down, and give them a good lecture, considering how they all accord him a special place in their holy books. How ridiculous it all is!

The USA, by the way, has never had a female head of state. Never. Its media has little use for women who are not young, sexy, and conventionally beautiful. The USA is a patriarchal society, with a vengeance. (But they do have a female "Liberty" figure on some of their coins and standing out in front of New York Harbour...)

It is common political/national patriotism which is "the last refuge of a scoundrel". I agree with that assessment, although such patriotism comes naturally to all people, and is therefore quite's just that scoundrels have a way of using it to their own advantage! Again, and again, and again...

- LH