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Posted By: Mark Clark
01-Oct-02 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Help: Music Write 386
Subject: RE: Help: Music Write 386
As so often happens, Jon is exactly right. If there is Windows 3.1 16 bit software still around somewhere, by all means use that. I think I still have the Win 3.1, 16 bit distribution of Finale I used to use. I've upgraded Finale many times over the years but I'll bet I still have the old floppies somewhere.

There is also a Common Lisp (CLISP) program available called Common Music Notation (CMN) that I've downloaded but haven't tried yet. If you can find a free 16 bit Windows Common Lisp implementation it might be worth a shot. The output looks nice and it handles complex scores. The input looks very Lisp-like so it's probably fairly natural to write. I don't yet know if conversions exist between CMN notation and other formats such as ABC.

      - Mark