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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
01-Oct-02 - 09:10 PM
Thread Name: The SLOOP at BARTON (N. Lincs UK)
Subject: RE: The SLOOP at BARTON (N. Lincs UK)
hELooo, i went to tyhe SloupAgain tonight, i got a lift aof Mandolin Malcom, so I could drink sume bear, it was really nice and freee sandwidges as well, there was plenty of mudcat pewople theere as wel, like me9john from hull, ) and Oaklet, smallpilers, bassis, oaklet , gary9Skiipjak8) bloke in the curner, and syme more people, but i cant remember who they was, irt was really nice, there was loads of music and signing, this is how pibs should be anywat. some pubs nowadats habe carry okie nights , and it is shite, this is my opinion.john PS i bought oaklets cd, it is really nice,john, another ps, if any peeple are in the area theyshuld go to the slloup, and they should get OAklets Cd, it is really nice, and werth it.john