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Posted By: Jim Krause
02-Oct-02 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Lily Of The West
Subject: Origins: Lilly Of The West
While on an extended camping trip in Pennslyvania, several of us were seated around in a large tent singing old songs. One fellow sang "The Lilly Of the West" so well. I began to wonder about the origins of the song, how old it might be and so forth. Does anybody know? The version that we heard that night is quoted below.

Lilly Of The West
When first I came to Ire - land, some pleasure for to find.
It's there I spied a damsel fair, so pleasing to mind.
Her rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes, like arrows pierced my breast.
And they call her lovely Molly - O, the Lilly of the West.

One day as I went wal - king, down by the shady grove,
I spied a lord of high degree, conversing with my love.
As she sang a song, de - lightfully, while I was sorely pressed.
Saying I bid adieu, to Molly - O, the Lilly of the West.

I stepped up with my rapier, and my dagger in my hand.
And I dragged him from my false love, and boldly did bid him stand.
But being mad with desperation, I swore I'd pierce his breast,
I was then deceived by Molly - O, the Lilly of the West.

I then did stand my trial, and boldly I did plea.
A flaw was in my indictment found, and that soon had me free.
That beauty bright I did adore, the judge did her address,
He said "go you faithless Molly - O", the lilly of the West

Now that I've gained my liberty, a roamin' I will go.
I'll ramble through old Ireland, and travel Scotland o'er.
Though she thought to swear my life away, she still disturbs my rest,
I still must style her Molly - O, the Lilly of the West.