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Posted By: John in Brisbane
03-Oct-02 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: Help: Music Write 386
Subject: RE: Help: Music Write 386
There's plenty of good advice above. Just a few extra points.

A 386 will certainly run the Win 3.1 16 bit version of NoteWorthy Composer. The only issue here is that you'll need a soundcard - I expect that the early Soundblaster 16's should work fine, but can be a PITA to configure. If you can't locate the software let me know, but I don't anticipate you'll have any problems.

The DOS version of the Digital Tradition database is still available (I think) at Mudcat and will run like a charm on the smell of an oily G string on a 386. You won't need a soundcard to play the single track tunes with bouncing ball above the lyrics, but no score printout is available.

Through the courtesy of other Mudcatters I have a ccouple of versions of SongWright which I could provide - but quite frankly I don't really recommend it. The proprietary format is a dinosaur. Much better to use software based on MIDI or ABC standards.

There's PLENTY of good quality free stuff out there for your treasured 386.


John in Brisbane