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Posted By: Amos
04-Oct-02 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD VIII: Azure Morning Tunes!!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD VIII: Azure Morning Tunes!!
Thanks, Amergin!

Okay gang. The overwhelming tide of 3D noise has started to decline, and I have a little time to do what i love instead of what i must. The daughter is holding her own nicely in her first away semester at college, the dragons at work have either been slain or gone off to more interesting victims, and the Mudcat CD has risen again to the top of To Do List 1,234,967!

NEWS: First, the trick of moving tapes to CD has been resolved with reasonably decent quality. Those who sent in their material on tapes are being transferred to digital form as we speak.

Second: ANY SUBMISSIONS FOR INCLUSION ON THIS CD SERIES MUST BE IN THE MAIL NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS MONDAY OCTOBER 6th without exceptions. The door is just gonna close, okay? I have been able to leave it open way over schedule because I have been forced into all this serious schedule slippage.

Third: I will be forming up playlists for the CDs once I have them all neatly in the library and backed up. I will publish a complete list. I will then be open for comments, corrections to any errors in fact, suggestions in matters of opinion, and blatant whingeing for a fixed period. Once that window is closed the lists will be finalized,

Fourth: The issue of logistics for production was last scene in dialogue (presumed to have beens tarted) between max and Dick. Soon as I know more I'll tell you all.

That's the current sityooayshun, folks...we're movin!

Motion has begun again after an unavoidable interruption, and marching ahead is we!! I do apologize for the delays but I just don't do Superman as well as I did in my younger years. **bg**

(Besides, he's really mean when he gets drunk, I am told!)