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Posted By: greg stephens
05-Oct-02 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: The fiddle and the blues?
Subject: RE: The fiddle and the blues?
Granted Jow Venuti was a supremely great fiddler, and did play a bit of blues, I dont reckong you'ld call him a blues fiddler.More jazz, if anything...really it was just "Joe Venuti music". Papa John Creech I've listened too a lot, but find him hard work.
   In this context Canray Fontenot should be mentioned, the totally wonderful black fiddler and singer from Louisiana. He very rarely played
what you'ld call blues, his repertoire was almost totally Creole/French material: but it was very "bluesy" in approach, and for my money he was an infinitely greater musician than any of the actual "blues" fiddlers I've heard. SadlyI never played with him but I did buy him a whisky once and had a very nice chat just before he died.