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Posted By: Little Hawk
06-Oct-02 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Joe Venuti's (in)Famous Practical Joke!
Subject: RE: Joe Venuti's (in)Famous Practical Joke!
Well, one thing for sure...if you have ever seen a stallion with an erection, you don't forget it. I was surprised the other day to see a bull nimbly hopping up on a cow as I drove by the field. I had no idea they were that agile, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Rick, here's an idea...why don't you phone up all the accordion players...and bagpipe the Toronto Musicians' Union, offering a lucrative gig (of course), and have them show up at the front lawn of the Ontario Parliament buildings at Queen's Park, 5 O'clock sharp on a Monday. It would be an awesome sight, and would probably attract the Toronto riot squad in no time flat, giving the Toronto Sun an undreamed-of opportunity for a great front page photo and headline! This idea is too good to pass up, I think. Don't use your own name, though, use a psuedonym. "Gurney Titmarsh", for instance, would be a good one...or maybe Bernie Finkelstein or Art Snider.

- LH