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Posted By: Willie-O
07-Oct-02 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Joe Venuti's (in)Famous Practical Joke!
Subject: RE: Joe Venuti's (in)Famous Practical Joke!
I think I know what happened right after the bass players prank...
interesting it doesn't say anything about jazz violinists.

Title: The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World
Lyric: (E. Kaitz)
The day was very subtle, everything was low-key,
The sky it was so overcast that you could barely see,
And everything slowed down to a slower frequency,
The day the bass players took over the world.
Well, they came pouring out of symphonies, orchestras and bands,
And every other kind of combo that was ever known to man,
And although it was spontaneous, you'd think it was quite planned,
The day the bass players took over the world.
Now one day the bass players, they decided to uprise,
They were tired of being sidemen to all those other guys.
So they kidnapped the horn section,
They put drugs in the drummer's drink,
And they tied up all the guitar players
With their big ol' flat-wound strings.
And on that day the world it was finally set free,
All the creatures they hung out together and interacted fretlessly,
And the air began to vibrate with such a deep tonality,
The day the bass players took over the world.