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Posted By: Dead Horse
09-Oct-02 - 06:25 PM
Thread Name: Musical question (chantey types)
Subject: RE: Musical question
It can also depend on what you've got in the way of crew.
If you've been saddled with a bunch of old decrepid layabouts, like McGrath, then the pace would be a bit pedestrian.
Whereas with a crew composed of young blades such as myself, a good fast beat would be possible.
Seriously (and I can be serious on occasion) there are so many variables to take into account that don't count ashore, if you see what I mean? Just sing to the speed of your chorus singers, and if they be *lubbers all* give 'em a nudge in the right direction.
It's you as is the shantyman, so you are boss. As for the work done to a particular shanty, forget it. What was sung for capstans aboard one ship, was sung at halyards on another, so don't put your faith in what some have written as gospel. Hugill does say that ****** was sung as a short-drag shanty, but he also says that he has heard it sung at other tasks, AND he never claimed anything he said as gospel.