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Posted By: jim100_1
09-Oct-02 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: Tuner for blind musicians
Subject: RE: Tuner for blind musicians
Hello there,
I've been reading this thread with much interest. You see, I am totally blind and am learning to play the guitar.
I also thought of looking into some kind of tuner because as of late, my guitar seems to be out of tune more often than not.

Someone wrote that blind people's listening is hightened because of no sight. I hate to disappoint you, but that's not the case. That's a stereotype. Yes, we listen and use our listening more, but that doesn't necessarily mean our hearing is more hightened.

Also, I can agree with asking a sighted person for help, but what if there's not a sighted person around to ask. When I practice, I do it alone, and sometimes, that's when I end up getting it out of tune the most.

I was looking at some of the websites you guys posted and I found them neat.

Believe me, this message is not to attack anyone or anything like that. I just thought I'd help clarify any misconceptions and stuff like that. I haven't really responded to these forums because I've only joined a few weeks ago, but I do look forward to joining in more and seeing what more I can learn from you guys.
Feel free to write.