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Posted By: Robin2
09-Oct-02 - 10:29 PM
Thread Name: Any Mudcat harpers?
Subject: RE: Any Mudcat harpers?

Nice to meet you! I am a total lurker on the harp list. I'm such a beginner (under a month ), I just don't feel I can add anything. And for some reason, I find it easier to post my ignorance here at Mudcat than on the harplist!

I have the Sylvia Woods info, and I've been there quite a bit...I'm teaching myself right now from "The Small Harp", by Allison Kinnaird. A lovely book, and it's got me totally hooked. Are there any online sites to download some free sheet music that you know of? I play fingernstyle guitar, hammered dulcimer, and banjo, and there are tons of sites with music for them...I just haven't found as much for the harp.